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 The trophy hunt is for one of our large breeding herd bulls.  They will weigh anywhere from 1800-2000 pounds.  They range from 5-10 yrs of age.   They are a very large very unique animal.  You cannnot find animals of this quality and size just anywhere.  You are allowed to select an animal from this group for your trophy.  Buffalo_img_email

The hunter gets the entire animal with the trophy hunt.  The gun size required for this animal is nothing smaller that a 270 rifle.   Hand guns, black powder and other types of guns need to be cleared with ranch personnel. The price of this hunt is $4500.  We require a 50% deposit to hold a date for your hunt. The meat is included with the hunt.  We will skin and cape the animal in our slaughter plant and quarter the meat for you.  If you want the meat cut and wrapped, we need to know this prior to your arrival so arrangements can be made for it to be processed in either Pierre or Onida, South Dakota.  

 This hunt is also available with archery.  The hunter gets the entire animal, meat included, with the archery hunt.  
The season for this hunt is Oct.-Jan. 1.  No license or permit is required.

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